What is a Medical Alarm, and How Can It Help You?

Senior couple preparing to plant flowers in garden 153998339If you don’t know what a medical alarm is, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can learn about life safety products, medical alert systems, home security for seniors and handicapped peoples, home monitoring, and more. This information will prove to be a blessing in your life as you grow older, perhaps even teaching you how you can transition through these passing years gracefully. Some of the most difficult things for seniors or soon-to-be seniors are the loss of independence (because you don’t have the physical or mental ability to do everything on your own anymore), the isolation (because everyone has grown up and started their own lives, moved away, or they’ve passed away), and the loss of pride (because you have to learn to accept help from others or you can’t accomplish certain tasks). The frustrations in dealing with these difficult feelings often leads to bitterness or confusion in which your needs are not adequately met or you may be placed in a nursing home that you never wanted to be in. As a way of avoiding these stresses, medical alarms were invented to help you retain your pride and your independence through the years.

What a Medical Alarm Does for You

Medical alert systems consist of a few parts. You’ll have a pendant around your wrist, neck, belt, or wherever you desire, and when you have a medical emergency, you simply press the button on the pendant (called the Emergency button or Help button). Pressing the button will send a message to the base unit to contact the monitoring station, who will call you to check on you and see what happened. If it’s a situation where you need a medical professional right away, they’ll send someone to you right away to help.

Retain Your Pride

Romantic Senior Couple Hugging On Beach 160537986With a medical alarm, you can retain your pride. You can choose to press the button for help whenever you need it, so you’re in complete control of the help you receive. Additionally, you’ll be assisted by strangers and not by family members. Sometimes it’s hardest for us to let down our pride around those we love, but with people we don’t know as well, it’s easier to let them help us.

Retain Your Independence

Additionally, these devices provide you with independence. No longer do you have to have someone at the house with you, and no longer do you have to worry about the possibility of having a caregiver come stay with you. Most importantly, no longer do you have to consider the possibility of going to be in a nursing home. You can stay right where you are in your house, living your life, doing your own thing, without it being a medical risk or health hazard because if there ever is a problem, you can just press a button and the call will be placed for you.

Be Free to Change Your Isolation

While medical alert systems can’t inherently change feelings or situations of isolation, through the above benefits they can give you a feeling of empowerment. When you’re in control of your own life, you have the ability to change it. If the people you know and love have begun moving away, you can keep contact with them if you choose. You can also choose to go out your door and make some new friends with your neighbors. You don’t have to see your situation as something you can’t control; use the resources available to you to make the most of it and you can have many rewarding and fulfilling experiences to come.

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